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immediate server desync upon entering any server
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Since yesterday when ever i log ontoo any server i am immediatley unable to interact with anything(open doors,pick up items,eat or drink) i will still see for example x to open door on a door but as soon as i press it it dissapears and i cant interact with anything anymore. All players and zombies are froozen in position for me but still see me moving around and can kill me! When i die whilst this glitch is going on my helath blinks and i start twitching intoo all directions and am unable to move away! This bug has occured randomly every now and then and re logging would resolve it but since yesterday i can't do anything it just desyncs the second i get on the server. Please note that players and zombies are frozen the second i join so trying to interact does not cause the problem. It is there from the begining. I play on xbox one s.


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Windows 10 x64
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as far as i know i am the only one with this issue!

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Update: It does seem to work on some servers at random but only for a couple of minutes before ot desyncs again and makesthe game unplayable!

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Sorry for the bad spelling. I'm not from a english country and wrote the text quickly.

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Helllo hahnbesen48 and thank you for the report.
Do you experience this issue on all the servers? Have you tried logging onto some lower populated servers that are lower in the serverlist to see if the issue is present on there as well?

Hello Geez thanks for the quick reply and yes the issue is unaffected by the servers population i tried it on all different types of servers that are present on xbox(Dayz nl, Dayz ru, Dayz sg and Dayz us. I also have a problem with me randomly being put back to the server select list and not giving any indication why on the Dayz nl servers whe trying to join a lower populated one. but for all servers in general it seems to work on some servers where i can play normaly for a couple of minutes in some cases even hours till the desync hapens. but i could not see a cause for it so i assume it is completely random if it freezes immediatley or at a later point. I also have noticed that if i join a server and desync and drop an item on the ground it will not be there for a nother player that was not on the server when i dropped it. But if the player was on the server when i dropped it the player will be able to see it and interact with it. I noticed that when me and a friend were playing toogether tooday when the server restarted and i got on a new one desyncing right away and by accident dropping my pet bottle on the ground. I was unable to pick it back up and my friend who joined seconds after i had dropped the bottle was unable to see it. But when i dropped my m4 next to him by accident moments later he was able to see it and picked it up for me cause i could not.

I've had this problem since i started playing and because i died multiple times since then i can say that the problem isn't caused by my character.

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