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Guns fire when hitting Y
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When you have a gun in your hands, with a round chambered, if you hit Y to "clear the round" it actually shoots the gun. The person clearing the gun will NOT hear it shoot, but everyone around you will.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load a gun (e.g. mosin)
  2. Then hit Y to unload it
  3. It shoots; if it's just you there you won't hear it. Everyone around you will hear it.

You can also do it with a pistol:

  1. Have a pistol loaded
  2. Drop the mag
  3. Hit Y to clear the round
  4. It shoots the gun; everyone hears it but you
Additional Information

I am on XBOX One X - but this happened with XBOX One players. This issue can cause you to give yourself away.

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YES. This is a very serious issue, I just reported this to the @Dayz Twitter account, but now ive found this place and ca see other players have this issue.

I't actually caused an argument between me and friends because they thought i was shooting them and also other times for wasting bullets.. Until it happened to one of them, and i heard it myself and told them, they now realise its a bug..

Also, you can hear the gun shot but also, it does actually shoot (even tho you loose no bullets, because my friend has taken damage from this when its happened

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