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Backpack / inventory
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Even though my backpack is 25% full it won’t allow me to put items in it. Causing problems when needing to drink , eat reload gun etc, because you have to drop you guns or what ever is in your hands at the moment. Also when this happenes it won’t allow you to swap your equipped weapons. Causing a lot of problems in combat


Operating System
Windows 8
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Xbox one
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I would recommend trying to fix this problem soon as possible as it is not easy to survive nor fun to only be able to carry two bottles of water a can of food and some bandages

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Nosam4 created this task.Aug 23 2018, 7:17 PM
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Having same problem also not being able to equip from inventory to hand either

Yeah cant pick up anything with only 18/56 slots

I'm experiencing the same bug, extremely severe, limits players capabilities in too many ways that affect various aspects of gameplay, PVP, Looting, PVE, and even as stated above simple survival with drinking and eating requiring dropping weapons or items

I’m having the same problem. I have to drop what’s in my hands to drink or eat it. This should be a top priority because sometimes it won’t even let me pick up stuff.

Similar problem, can’t pick items up usually rags or cans even though there is room in inventory. Also when an item is picked up it gets auto assigned to any piece of clothing that has room, after that it will only go back to that piece of clothing after dropping, consuming or using which makes a problem when certain items won’t pick up even though my inventory has room, the main problem towards all of this I think is that you can’t move your items from different pieces of clothing which makes it difficult to plan what to pick up. This was after the 6gb update I’ve just downloaded the 550mb update so will see if it works better now.

BluWolve added a subscriber: BluWolve.EditedAug 26 2018, 3:10 AM

Inventory issues for me as well. Only able to fill my backpack 19/100.

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Hello everyone and thank you for your reports.
We are aware of this issue and it is being worked on internally.

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Inventory glitch after server change, container replicate itself