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Suggestions w/ Health/Blood and Hit Indicators
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Please take the following ideas with a good read and think over and experiment/add these tweaks in. Thank you

In DayZ currently, (.63) the new organ health system for health is great, but I think some of these organs are too fragile resulting in easy one shot kills.

I think organ health should be increased as being shot in the chest is very easy, and you can get your life ended in one easy shot.
I believe the only one shot areas should be the heart and brain, while the other organs like liver, etc. should take like maybe 2 shots for unconscious and 3 shots for death.

With being shot however, you should experience much more blood loss than in the current state, (as blood loss is very minimal, and salines, blood bags, etc. are sort of useless at the moment.)
When you get shot in organs, you should experience blood loss and health loss from being shot.
When you get shot in limbs, you should experience blood loss and possibly fractures, chipping, etc. (Like in .62)
And the rate that you bleed at should be somewhat increased being shot at these areas.

The blood stat should be more utilised in DayZ like .62, and have a good purpose, because right now it's not that big of a deal, and I'm not a fan of that :(

As for hit indicators, sometimes it's hard/unnoticeable when you get shot. I think as you get shot, you should experience

  1. Visual indicator of blood coming out of your body to see in 1pp and 3pp.
  2. A sound indicator of you getting shot, like a huge grunt or moan.
  3. A red flash on the screen after being shot

These are all tweaks that I really want to see introduced regarding the overall health, blood, and hit indicators systems. Please think this over and try to add these in :)


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