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AKM 30rnd Mag bugged Version 0.63.147489
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Full 30 round magazine stuck inside AKM, cannot replace or drag out.
Can only shoot chambered bullet, but not use the rest of the 29 bullets inside the magazine to shoot, only gets clicking sound,
Tried varies ways to resolve the problem to no avail, such as
Dragging out the bugged magazine
Dropping the weapon and picking it up again
Switching to melee weapon back to AKM
Drag and drop a new fresh 30rnd Mag into the AKM
Pressing "R" to remove all the ammo from the magazine to make the rifles capacity to 0 whilst trying to switch out a new magazine.
Only function of weapon is to chamber 1 bullet at a time, UI shows magazine inside, but on third PP doesn't show a magazine.
Servers Affected:
DayZ AUS 1-1 (Experimental/Unstable) 3PP
DayZ AUS 0-2 (Experimental/Unstable) 3PP


Unable To Reproduce
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
AI Aiming / Shooting

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I Can back this one up, Has happened to Me many times with AKMs and MPK-5s also with the Scorpion.

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Best way to fix a broken weapon is to throw it away and replace it with a working weapon, and that's what I did. I was checking out Reddit,and apparently you shouldn't load a magazine by dragging it, instead use your hotkeys.

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