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Pistol Reload + Other Minor Bugs
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The pistol if I try to reload it more than one time between firing the pistol, it bugs the reloading animation, the hotbar turns red/yellow like it is reloading but there's no animation and hotbar stays red/yellow for a long time, then eventually returns back to green. If you fire pistol while it's bugged then it fixes hotbar, returns to green.

I made a short video, the rifle works fine, I can reload it over and over without firing and no problems. But the pistol if I try to reload it more than once between firing the hotbar goes red/yellow and no animation. I only tested without ammunition, wasn't able to test with ammo.

Other minor things:

  1. If you try to combine a stack of ammunition in a container (protector case/first aid) then the ammo will stack ok, but the number displayed won't update until you move the new stacked ammo to a new inventory slot. So if you have a stack of ammo in shirt, then split it by right click makes two stacks, drag each stack into a first aid kit held in hands to combine them, the display number is wrong until the stack is moved.
  1. The train cars in the major cities, the loot is spawning usually underneath the train cars (on the ground) instead of inside the train car on the floor.


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Windows 10 x64

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Caldred_X created this task.Jul 9 2018, 7:58 PM