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Suggestion: Add Laser Guidance to 230mm rockets.
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The somewhat-recent rework of the 230mm rockets from a cluster pod to a standard HE charge, the previously highly destructive pods seem to be oriented more towards precision. However, it seems they also retain their old accuracy, causing them to be rather inaccurate at very long ranges. While this was fine for the Sandstorm and Zamak MRL, as they were mobile systems, justifying lower accuracy, but allowing them to compensate by moving closer, it unfortunately makes the Mk 41 VLS unreliable in many scenarios, as it lacks the ability to move closer, and usually is several kilometers from the shore to begin with. If laser designation could provide vastly improved accuracy, the Mk 41 would be given a tool to counteract the aforementioned flaw, provided a the target can be lased.


Operating System
Windows 8 x64
Steps To Reproduce

1: Station USS Liberty with Mk 41 VLS onboard offshore of Molos.
2: Fire a salvo at Northern Kavala.
3: Observe as multiple rockets land well into Aggelochori.

Additional Information

If there's worry about this making the artillery option to powerful, I might recommend increasing the dispersion on un-lazed targets to make it harder to simply find where something is, then saturate the entire area to guarantee a kill.

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