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Very serious gamebreaking server/client desynchronization - stress test #27
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I was playing few hours game session and at end of it I had very serious desynchronization and I found myself like few houndred of meters away from my last position.
I will describe everything in details. Date is 20.6.2018 everything in CEST time.

21:44 I am joining the server SWE 2-1 (Stress test) - server which is marked.

I played few hours without any crash or problem. I spawned near Electrozavodsk I picked up items, saw players attacked zombies I had no problem with gameplay. I was running on main road from Electrozavodsk to Staroye. At military tent on way to Staroy I killed one guy and continued in my way to Staroye.

23:21 - When I enetered police station in Staroye I realized that I cannot open/close any doors.

Then I walked out I realized that zombies doesn´t attack me they dont even emit any sounds they were standing completly still like statues.

And I can also walk inside some zombies like this:

I tried to interact with doors in city and they didnt do anything, F to open/close option didnt shows me up. I also found another zombies in city they was completely standing still they didnt agro on me they doesnt emited any sounds. I was feeling like I was out of server.

23:24 - I was in Staroye town and then my character "teleported" itself completly out of town I was running in some fence (at least few hundred meters away) from town. My camera was quiclky moving right and left. It seems that I was stucked in fence and I must pressed some keys to unstuck myself from the fence.

This is the place where I teleported. I dont know exactly where I was. I was hearing thunder sound so I thought so that I am back on server (I dont know it exactly). Then I ended the game myself.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Operating System Version
Win 7 x64 Home Premium
Additional Information

game version 0.63.147344

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