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Dayz 0.63 - 80/80 Players on server
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*Server performance with 80 players feedback*

The performance with full 80 ppl server wasn't very good.

Infected: i noticed that infected behavior gets really laggy with the full server, their movements have a lot of delay and they look like to be doing everything in slow motion, at the same time as they become less of a threat because of the "slow motion movements" combined to the extra delay. They also are harder to hit, because they seem to teleport a little bit while moving.

Players: With players it wasn't all that bad, some people desyncd a little bit while moving and there was an extra delay generally.

General: I noticed an extra desync and delay to perform actions such as open doors and etc, in the end performance wasn't horrible but it also was not good.

Extra: Some times it happens to players desync really bad in a short period of time, just wanted to relate a case where i was doing some PVP in elektro, i was inside the restaurant, heard a guy coming in to rush me, i was in the corner of the door inside a room, the guy simply popped up by my side and started shooting at me and i died, he kind of teleported and i was not able to see him entering the room, it obviously was desync and not cheating.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64

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