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dayz 0.63 reloggin and getting hands glitched
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in the last stress test, at some point i had to relog for some reason that i dont remember now, i disconnected from the server with a can of tuna with about 10% in my hands, when i logged back in the server, the can of tuna was gone, there was nothing in my hands (it wasn't in my inventory either), but that's not the worst part of it, i couldn't drag anything into my hands slot, tried dragging into my hands, pressing hotkeys for weapons, etc, tried climbing ladders and everything to debug that, but it appears as the can was still in my hands, but completly invisible, couldnt put anything in my hands, ended up having to kill myself to get back to normal.


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Windows 10 x64

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also, there's a lot of inventory related bugs, that i think you are aware of, like having to drag item to your hands multiple times until it Works.