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Invetory system 0.63 #11 Stress TEst
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The inventory system place your items randomly sometimes so your main weapon get red so you can`t switch to your Axe for instant on the hotbar/quickbar, because your pistol in your hand is red and blocked (no space in your inventory.) And when you manually place an item somewhere it sometimes go into your invetory randomly after you have used the item on the qiockbar, and it can block other items like a pistol which is very annoying when you need your Axe quick to kill a zombie.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
10.0.17134 Build 17134
Steps To Reproduce

Place your pistol manually when you have enough room in your inventory, and get up your water bottle to drink from quickbar and when you done it randomly place that bottle in your invetory system and block your pistol inventory space. And when you going to use your axe you can`t switch on the hotbar/quiickbar, because the pistol is blocked by your randomly item placement in your inventory.

Additional Information

You need to look into it. When you place an item manually it should be in your invetory in the exact same location as you manually placed it in your pants or jacket or bag.
It`s clunky and sometimes very annoying and you can die unless you manually drop your pistol from your hand to use axe which is clunky, because you can`t move items while you moving in your invetory which I hope you fix in future patches.

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