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Bad Stuttering
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Throughout stress test 11 I got great fps, but I noticed that over time a bad stutter developed. It would most frequently happen after firing a weapon for the first time in a while, which is a very critical time for the game to run smoothly. I pulled my pistol on a close range survivor and fired and the game froze for a full 3 seconds. Of course I was killed. After this I started paying attention to how frequently the game did in fact stutter. Too much is the answer.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

The game stutters a lot, but to cause it to stutter, run to a new town and fire your weapon. Don't fire until you get there. Your first shot will stutter. This happens in offline mode too.

Additional Information

I am using an i5 @ 3.5 ghz and a gtx 960. My system has 8 gigs of ram. I suspect this may not be enough, but system requirements for beta have not yet been made clear as far as I know. I was running only DayZ at the time.

I have always experienced stutter in offline mode. It is very apparent. But I did not experience any stutter in the first stress test I participated in, which was stress test 10.

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