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[Glitch] Falling through map when another player is proned on top of you
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If another player is prone normally (Abs touching the ground) and you get really close while you are prone too, sometimes you get on top of eachother and the guy in the bottom can fell through the map.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

What I did was
-Having a can on my hands, abs looking at the sky
-Started proning to the guy (He was prone, abs looking at the ground), and suddenly I was on top of him
-My character started doing the animation of moving left in prone and shaking a bit, I started eating to see what happens, nothing happened
-Then suddenly the guy disappeared, I thought he disconnected, but he relogged and told me he fell through the map into the water.

Additional Information

You could maybe do it just by going really close in prone, Ill try to get a video in the next stress test if it isnt fixed by then :D

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