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Dayz .63 Stress test Zombie AI/ Player Combat bug or issues
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I can see some changes to the zombies and player combat, and I played a total of 10 hours of this stress test and I just wanna point out a few things.

1st When youre fighting a horde (2 or more) of zombies, the is NO way of surviving the encounter. Ive tried using a melee and blocked. Ive tried using a mp5 30 round mag and couldn't shoot because the zombies punched me to where I couldn't move and have control of my character. I've played 10 hours and died to zombies 8 times but only died to a player twice.

2nd Some zombies still go through doors/ walls.

3rd A player punched me ONCE with his fist and I instantly died, I had full health/blood and everything. What a waste of an ak...

4th The stamina system is dreadful. Would like to see a soft skills tab where you could get better stamina/strength/accuracy or something like that. Or just more stam altogether.

5th Crosshair does not match the Ironsights (ADS)

6th Cannot hear any Enemy movements when they're nearby on a clear sunny day (just tweak the footstep sound).

7th The inventory is visually displeasing and sort of confusing.

Other than that, I had good time testing this build and can see it going somewhere. I have over 1000 hours in dayz and love this game to death. Please tweak and/or fix these issues, I want to have fun on this game again and keep supporting you guys!
My steam: DTFrightnow


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Windows 10 x64

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