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Crash upon opening map
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Since the Tanks DLC I experienced the game freezing / crashing upon opening the map multiple times.
This has so far happened exclusively in Bohemia Missions (notably "Bingo Fuel" and "Salient Force").
The attached crash report contains some mods, but this also occured in Vanilla.


Operating System
Windows 7

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Game freezes totally when I open the map, in single player (The East Wind mission file tanoa_intro1) while in a humvee and during a vocal briefing about the mission.
Other condition : after loading a manual Exit Saved game.
To be precise : the mouse freezes completely and can no longer be used on the PC (forcing me to use Cntl-Alt-Del > Sign Out of Windows).

It did not happen yesterday (same exact set-up) in late The East Wind missions, only today as per the conditions named above.

Nb :
No signs or hints that Steam overlay or any other software is responsible.
Not a heating issue either (barely 40 C ! game not really started)
The Arma log does not seem to indicate any major errors.
The map cache could be corrupt and/or game caches.

Will just not open map until I am out of that scene and will report back results here...
EDIT : map and all work fine once outside the humvee.