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Discontinuous moon (light) intensity and phase
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The command (or rather function) moonIntensity is discontinuous, which is clearly a bug. The reason is most like the command (or again function) moonPhase which is also discontinuous, since it only gets updated on a new day (i.e. hours, minutes and seconds are ignored) and as such moonPhase is a step-function. I suspect that moonIntensity uses moonPhase as an input, hence the discontinuinity at the jump to a new day.

Fix/suggestion: a call to moonPhase should recalculate/update the moonPhase taking hours, minutes and seconds into account. I.e. no need to internally keep it updated/continuous for no reason, but if we request this, please, calculate it again. I think moonIntensity should be indirectly fixed this way.
And if this doesn't sound like a good idea, at least work with an uptodate/more exact moonPhase value for calls to moonIntensity.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Observe moonPhase and moonIntensity at some interval (skipTime). Take a closer look when the day changes.

Additional Information

Example: from 2026-08-13 to 2026-08-14 we have:

# id, date, daytime, moon phase, moon intensity
0, [2026,8,13,0,0], 0.00173806, 0.54626, 0
1, [2026,8,13,0,12], 0.201761, 0.54626, 0
117, [2026,8,13,23,24], 23.407, 0.54626, 0.666703
118, [2026,8,13,23,36], 23.607, 0.54626, 0.666641
119, [2026,8,13,23,48], 23.8071, 0.54626, 0.586754
120, [2026,8,14,0,0], 0.00716803, 0.613997, 0.250798

This is a jump from 0.59 to 0.25 within 12 minutes (I took 5 samples per h). This is at midnight, sunrise is at 5.4, sunset at 18.6, so there shouldn't be such a drastic change losing more than half of the light intensity. Go ingame. Take a look. It's as bright (or dark) as 10 minutes ago.

Sure, at other days this jump is nicely hidden/not as pronounced. But as this example illustrates, moonIntensity is unreliable/broken (as in: we're probably better off not using moonIntensity and compute something based on moonPhase, sunrise and sunset on our own that is continuous... doesn't sound like much fun, honestly.).

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