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Client Crashes to Desktop without a clear preceding reason
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Since 0.61 or maybe 0.62 my client keeps crashing without a real reason. This happens at random times, but i haven't witnessed it when i was in the menu yet. It happens when i am on a server, playing the game. I play on public servers. It happens on the 32 Bit client and on the 64 bit client.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

-I have for a long time tried to provoke it, but the reasoning behind it seems so random, that i finally filed this bugreport.
-I can not give a recipe to recreate the bug, since it happens in virtually every possible situation. Picking up a barrel, running, turning, pressing ALT to look around.
-It may happen after 20 seconds ingame, or after playing for 2-3 hours without issues.

The crash itself: The Screen freezes for 2 seconds, then drops black. 1-2 Seconds later, i am on my Desktop, and my cursor is gone. DAYZ is still shown as an active program down on my Quickstart bar. I have to press ctrl alt del to regain control. I can then end dayz, which is "not reacting" according to the task manager.

-I usually then check file integrity in steam, which informs me that one file will be requested new.
-I use msi afterburner to upregulate my GPU fanspeed at lower temps, since initially i thought that maybe the temperature would rise to critical. It doesn't.

Additional Information

-I started playing DAYZ back in 0.55, when this problem didn't exist to me. Other games like DOOM or Fallout 4 operate flawlessly, despite my somewhat aging computer. I have attached the required diagnostic files to this bugreport.

Finally i want to say that this game gives me the goosebumps and a severe immersion, making it my favourite game of all time, even in this state. I am still looking forward to a solution, though.

the uploaded files:

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