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Multiple Logons Required?
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How many times do I have to logon/create account/register account do accomplish a task? Practically every link I clicked, including the link to leave feedback, required creation/registration of a new account. I found it an extremely frustrating process to go through in order to leave feedback.

I am unsure of the "Severity" ranking of this issue. If you could have a "Frustrating/Annoying" option, I would use that as it is more appropriate to how I feel about the entire process.


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Windows 10 x64
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Unsure if this will be possible, now that I have created/registered the required multiple accounts.

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I have already created/registered these new accounts to finally arrive here to leave feedback.

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Hello. Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately this is the way how it is. There is a BIS account for game itself, forums and Argo main web pages and the next one which is needed to get into feedback tracker.

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