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CUP Terrains -Core download issues.
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I've tried downloading the mod from steam workshop, but the status indicates "Path to mod folder not set", wich cause the mod to dissapear as soon as it's done, Steam download status showing 'UPDATE CANCELLED', and all files related to CUP Cores are nowhere to be found (including in the workshop/107410/). Downloading mods unrelated (Canadian Armed Forces 2 for example) show no issue and work as intended. Only CUP Core seems to fail.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Subscride to Cup Terrains -Core on steam, and watch the arma 3 launcher stating "Path to mod folder not set".

Additional Information

Content was first subbed and installed on ARMA months ago. i've uninstalled ARMA 3 from steam trought it's default delete option, leaving this mod subscribed. After redownloading ARMA, that's when the issue appeared.

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Thank you for teh report. I tried downloading CUP Terrains - Core and it downloaded without any problem. You might want to have a look at the path where your mods are downloaded if indeed there is not a problem with the path.

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