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[SUGGESTION] - Improved GUI Editor
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As many may know, the GUI Editor is very outdated and hasn't received any updates for a long time. I feel as though it could go with an update or overhaul to make it useful to people who want to use it to make GUI's. I constantly see people complaining about the GUI editor and how painful it is to use and everything that it lacks. GUI editing in Arma isn't the easiest, especially for people with little experience. If the GUI Editor had an update, I feel it would make it a lot easier for people to develop GUI's.

Suggested Features:

  • Add support for adding all of the default GUI classes (perhaps categorise them into base classes and 3DEN classes... etc)
  • Add support for Pixel Grid coordinate positioning

Current Bugs:

  • Alt tabbing or opening the Steam overlay while editing a GUI bugs out any further position editing to elements
  • When changing element from any position type to controls group type, it's position is not updated correctly.
  • Changing elements usually changes it's position
  • Game sometimes freezes when you're working on layout with controls groups and open (Ctrl+O) another one with different control groups
  • Listboxes (in "Add Element" and "Element's List' menus) are somehow not clickable in the bottom part


Operating System
Windows 10 x64