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SQF Command Request: Forced ragdoll (setRagdoll)
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The effect of the setUnconscious command in A3 is useful, but it would be extremely valuable if we had something along the lines of setRagdoll, which would allow for a unit to be force-ragdolled indefinitely. At present, the only solutions to this are to do silly things such as hitting players with objects of very large mass at regular periods, which is obviously not ideal.


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Windows 10 x64
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With this command, the ACE3 team and the ARMA community in general could make better use of the ragdoll state. Utilizing this as a part of a medical system specifically could re-add an element of gameplay to the game which has been a sore point for many communities through their usage of ACE medical. In A2, we obviously did not have ragdolls. This meant that ACE2 and the other systems could simply use the death animations directly to emulate someone becoming incapacitated. In A3, we have the ragdoll state which is where you go when you die, but no way to emulate that state.

It is immediately obvious in a system that utilizes setUnconscious whether or not the unit you're looking at is dead (ragdolled) or unconscious (in the laying-down animation). This, coupled with the lack of a way to force ragdoll in an elegant fashion, robs the community of many interesting gameplay scenarios. For one example, there's never any uncertainty about the status of a friendly that goes down in the field. You never have to mount a rescue on a dead man, because you know instantly from a distance that he's dead. In A2, it would happen often that you'd see the guy go down, but be unsure as to whether or not you needed to save him, and so you'd do your best to make your way (most of the time under fire) to his location to ascertain his status. Having a command that allows ACE3, or some of the lighter revive scripts/systems to force ragdoll in lieu of using setUnconscious would allow the community to reach feature parity with ARMA 2 medical systems, and just make gameplay for those of us using ACE3 that much more compelling and fun.

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batboyx2 created this task.Nov 18 2017, 7:37 AM