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I join a game and after some amount of time I get kicked, it's different for each game, just recently I got a kill which scored the game and I got kicked[RAID], also in Combat Patrol I keep getting respawn disabled so I have to disconnect and then join back for it to show up. Then I get kicked in that game mode too.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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I join the game of Raid and just play for a bit til it kicks me. I also checked my Ping so it isn't that. When joining combat patrol it say respawn disabled so I disconnect and then select a slot, join in and it works but after some time I get kicked.

Additional Information

Every time I join a Combat Patrol I have to go through that process.

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Hello. Thanks for your feedback.
Did you observed any votekicking against you? Didn´t you teamkilling a lot? Was there any message mentioning that you get banned?
Is the "xxchronic.gamerxx" your account/Steam name? We will check it in our ban list and investigate if it works fine.

In the case of Combat Patrol we observed some weird behavior similar to the one which you described. But it should be okay now. It was that when you start the Combat Patrol alone and when you enter sector vote screen, you just stuck there without ability to vote. Way how to fix it was disconnect to lobby screen and start again. Is your problem similar?

For now, please, verify your game data integrity via Steam (right click on Argo in Steam game library/properties/local files/verify integrity of game files) and let us know if it helps.

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