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Terrain Processor Sample Forest TPP High-density Cluster Task has too many parameters
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In the Forest.tpp in the Sample Demo Project for Terrain Processor, the parameters tab has too many entries in the Area: High-density Cluster tasks. This leads to problems with the descriptions not matching the selected parameters and occasionally an "Out of Memory" error. It might be good to check other .tpp files. I haven't used all of them and I'm not familiar enough with them to notice problems.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Terrain Processor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Download Sample Terrain Processor Demo Project from here:
  2. Unzip the file and locate and open the Forest.tpp in the source folder
  3. Create a new Task
  4. Select the Area: High-density Cluster and hit OK
  5. Go to the Parameters tab
  6. Note that there are 4 parameters; Random Seed, Hectare density, Fraction, and Blend Distance
  7. Note that clicking on each one lists the proper description
  8. Hit cancel
  9. Double click the first Area: High-density Cluster plugin to open the Edit Task window
  10. Go to the Parameters Tab
  11. Notice that there is now an additional parameter called Hectare area and that clicking it gives the description for Hectare density
  12. Notice that selecting Hectare density gives the description for Fraction and that Fraction gives the description of Blend Distance
  13. Click on Blend Distance, notice there is no description
  14. Click on Fraction
  15. Click back on Blend Distance. Sometimes this gives me an Out of Memory Error but not always. I'm not sure what triggers it. Seems like it might happen more frequently in the second Area: High-density Cluster task

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