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CfgCloudlets don't update on config merge
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As title suggest, making changes to particles/cfgcloudlets doesn't update on config merge via diag.exe, which is a real shame because making one slight change, only for it not to be seen without binarizing is a real pain. Done a fair bit of testing as well, changes only apply when the config.cpp is binarized.

Any chance of this getting looked at? Particles are one of the longest processes with Arma 3 development, it'd be ideal if we could make changes on the fly like everything else on the config.cpp.

Personally for me, I'd definitely invest more time in making really nice particles if it didn't take up so much of my time already, it's a robust system and it's capapble of a lot, but it's hampered by the long process of making changes, binarizing, checking, rinse and repeat.

Hell, I'd kill for a particle editor, but I know that's too much to ask for, so this is the next best thing.

Appreciate the time.


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Windows 8 x64
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Not sure if it works for you guys internally, but merging configs for cfgcloudlets doesn't work with public dev branch.

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Kiory created this task.Nov 6 2017, 4:16 AM