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Medkit & Toolkit flaws and what can be done about them.
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  1. Currently both the medkit and the toolkit can only be carried in backpacks.

They are both pretty big items, so that does make sense.

It does not make sense however, that you can also only use them when you have a backpack.
There is a simple solution for that:

Allow us to hold a medkit or toolkit in your hands (put them in the main weapon slot).

  • That way we could simply grab a medkit from a vehicle and use it even if we do not have a backpack.
  1. Since both kits can only be carried in backpacks, they are completely unavailable for paratroopers which again does not make sense.

There is a solution for that aswell.

Add new types of medkits and toolkits as wearable vests.

  • The old kits can still be used (backward compatible)
  • The vests add more versatility
  • The vests would also allow medics and engineers to look different. (which is especially important for medics since they have to be recognizable)


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Tajin created this task.Oct 24 2017, 6:15 PM
Tajin updated the task description. (Show Details)

Hopefully in a way, deter people from becoming mg medics. I second this, needs to be a way for the medkits and toolkits to fit in the vests but also represented visually. At the moment only traits and display name indications throw you into either a repair specialist or medic category.