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Feature request - Launcher Eden Editor Tab or Eden Editor Mod preset save mission mods addition
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This is a Launcher / Eden Editor feature request which would be very useful to mission makers.

The feature involves either the Launcher or Eden Editor or both apps.

Add an Editor Tab in the Launcher which would allow content makers to select a mission they are currently working on - the Launcher would automatically load the required mods for the scenario/mission and then start Arma3 and Eden Editor and load the selected mission.

Currently it's difficult to remember which mods are required for a specific mission without first starting Arma3 then the Eden editor and attempting to load the mission in question - then checking the error message for missing mods. Then closing Arma3 and attempting to select the required mods in the Launcher and restarting Arma3. Often this process has to be repeated a few times since missing mod names at mission load in Eden editor do not directly correspond to the actual mod name in the mod Launcher list.

Better solution?
An extension or alternative and possibly better / simpler method to satisfy this feature request would be for Eden Editor to automatically save a Launcher preset with the mission name and required activated mods when the mission is saved in Eden editor.

I hope my explanation is clear.


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Feature Request
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This is a new feature request - which applies to either the Launcher and Eden Editor or both these apps.

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