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Ghosthawk Advanced Flight Model Gunner aim/shooting experience heavy lag/skip frames
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When in a ghosthawk the gunner experiences major issues when aiming if the pilot is flying in advanced flight model. The gun and camera experiences heavy "shaking" and it almost seems like it is lag and low fps but it occurs even with 60 fps. At the worst times I have my cross hairs on a target and then my gun almost teleports/glitches and I'm suddenly aiming 90 degrees to the right of the target and I have to readjust to get a shot again but then it occurs repeatedly. Basic flight model is very smooth and never experiences this issue of shaking camera. Advanced flight model is preferred in ghosthawks but causes this gunning issue.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Firing from Vehicles
Steps To Reproduce

Get a ghosthawk with a pilot and have them fly in advanced flight model. Have another person on the gun and go into first person/ aiming down sights and notice the shaking camera and gun glitching/teleporting to a different part of the screen to where you were not aiming.

Additional Information

Basic flight model is always smooth while advanced flight model messes up the aim for gunners.

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+1 to this issue.
Have noticed the exact same issue. Can also change the flight model on the fly and you always get the same results. AFM = shaky/skipping frames, Standard = Smooth
Happens in all aircraft as far as I can tell, just more noticeable when on a door gun.