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How can i get my guns and points back. Am i hacked ? Or its a Glitch ? Please need help
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GujaratLion renamed this task from How can i get my guns and points back. I am hacked ? to How can i get my guns and points back. Am i hacked ? Or its a Glitch ? Please need help.Aug 26 2017, 12:57 PM
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Hello. Could you be more specific? What did you exactly observed?
Did you lost the whole progress of your account?

Here is the thing happened, I was playing the clash mode and everything was fine. I had my all guns and money and points and then when the game mode got over and i went for the links mode i just found out that there is no guns which i unlocked it and no points and even my in game money is gone. I really didnt understand what had happend. I thought it was a glitch but it was not. I restarted the game several times but this nothing is there. And even still now also i can see checked marked guns which i have unlocked. But they are not available to me anymore in my inventory.

GujaratLion, please send us your email and nick name and we will look on it.

Nickname: Leodeathtaker
Email address:

Thank you for the help. :)

Hi there. We found what was happened. We are very sorry for that but we took some points from you, reset loadouts and skill tree as well.
It´s not your fault but you played on server with hacker who hacks the game by adding the XP points for players in that match.

But you should have correct value of your skill points and also already bought weapons should be available after you unlock the same tier of weapon/attachment. We gave you also some currency which should be almost the same as you had before.
Sorry for that, but we are trying to fight with the hackers and this is the only way how to do it.

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Thank you so much for the apology and also for your help to get my account back.


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You are welcome.

Have a nice day,

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