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THis game has so many bugs
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I've come across 3 bugs that are very severe and affect game play massively.

  1. Sometimes when the round ends (Not the game ending just round) it says you have 5 tickets like normal and BUT when everyone else re spawns you cannot ive waited a while to see if it fixes itself it doesn't. The only way to fix this is to quit the game WHICH MEANS YOU LOSE ALL YOUR HARD PROGRESS!
  1. Sometimes after games (Ones i've played from start to end) Give me NO XP 0 Notta bit except the 100 for completing the match. I had 15 kills why did i not get the XP for those?
  1. When i died and re spawned it spawned me in the middle of nowhere so and i couldn't get back to where the map was taking place at.


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Windows 10
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They all happen pretty often except #3 has only happened once

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Ayman created this task.Jun 25 2017, 7:16 PM

Can you specify which game mode this is occurring on?

EricR added a subscriber: EricR.Jun 26 2017, 7:32 PM

Hi Ayman,

  1. Probably related to : (Respawn issues), (Link: Respawn disabled), (Can't respawn in next round).
  1. Could be related to: (No experience or credits awarded after match), (Missing XP in Link)
  1. Related to: (Respawning far from respawn point).

Btw, next time you create a task (Bug tracker), please only include one bug in each, since it will make the tracking easier for every one.

Vietwitch changed the task status from New to Acknowledged.
Vietwitch added a subscriber: Vietwitch.

As Eric said, please, next time divide bugs into separate tasks for easier tracking. Also try to do little search before, because lot of these things are already there.

  1. Respawn disabled & 3. Far respawn - known issues which we are trying to fix it.
  1. No XP - this issue should be fixed now. If you observe it again, please let us know.

Thanks for your feedback and have a nice day.