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Strange offset with map animation when ctrlCreate-ing a RscMapControl
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When issuing any map animations on a RscMapControl that has been created via ctrlCreate there is a strange offset.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Run the supplied mission.
There are two actions available..

  • ctrlCreate which creates a map control via ctrlCreate
  • dialog which creates a map control via a control defined in a ui

Both options will animate the map to what should be the maps center [ worldSize / 2, worldsize / 2 ] and place a red marker.
It will then retrieve the actual location via ctrlMapScreenToWorld and work out the offset from workdSize / 2.
It will then animate again to worldSize / 2 + axis offset and place a green marker.
Finally it will place the player at the maps center via setPosAtl to [ worldSize / 2, worldSize / 2, 0 ].

In both the green marker and the players position match.
Yet the ctrlCreate version will show an offset position for the red marker which is the animation position of [ worldSize / 2, worldSize / 2 ] which is incorrect.

offsets for each map are as follows..
[893.401,-233.621] Stratis
[893.401,-233.621] VR
[3350.25,-876.079] Altis
[1675.13,-438.04] Tanoa

They seem to have some correlation to the maps size and border.

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