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VOIP / chat disabled after dead
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After getting killed voip works like 2-3 seconds and then it dont work till new respawn.
If i press "," nothing happens (no info on changing channels) and push to talk button dont respond.

so i am mute and cant type messege till respawned again :(


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
SP1 64bit patched up to date
Steps To Reproduce

theres not much to say... i press "push to talk button" and players hear me and after i get killed it works for like 3 seconds and then all shuts down. cant speak, cant chat... "," dont works either till im respawned again.

Additional Information

XEON X3360
Intel P35
GTX 660Ti 2GB
8GB DDR2 800
USB Speedlink medusa NX headset + mic

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any news on this issue?

EricR added a subscriber: EricR.Jun 19 2017, 12:05 AM

I never experienced or heard of this personally.

BTW your nickname is kind of confusing, don't you think ? ;)

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Hello. I was not able to reproduce it.
Please take a look into this issue:

Maybe that this link helps you:
Reporter with similar problem resolved it thanks to all drivers and controllers update. He uninstalled/deactivated faded devices.

well... i can reproduce it all the time. I just need to be dead :)
you can notice that mic icon is missing while im dead and its back when im playing
(fyi, mic works all the time and records mine voice while ingame is not working)