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Drinking Gasoline
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Devs, please take this foolery out of the game. What kind of tool drinks gas? Misclicked on "drink whole container", the container being a jerry can of gas, when trying to click "fill up" on the chainsaw. At least, make it so that when the jerry can is filled with gas, take away the drink option, but when filled with water, make it an option. This is just stupid


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S4MT3K added a subscriber: S4MT3K.Jun 9 2017, 12:24 AM

And what about the Refilling option? Should that be away when u trying to refill your car with wather?

At first i think its easyier to handle that there is one command for drinking the whole canister independed whats in there...
Second: its called Sandbox survival and that means what it means... So many ways to die... I like to trick my buddys with the canister saying its water in there and then they die ^^
Third: When youre sick an have no well in your near but a canister its easyier to drink the whol canister to vomit and starting healing ;)

lipek added a subscriber: lipek.Jun 28 2017, 1:18 PM

I like to drink gas in-game. Please leave this option available!