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Sugggestion/Query: ammount of zombies and if they run or not and weapon avaliblity options as well as players in general
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I'm not sure what the project' stages are here but from personal experience with DayZ, I struggled to find a gameplay balance due to these factors, players, zombies, zombie movement, weapon avaliblity. Player in DayZ aren't keen to be friendly so 1 whole hour spent finding a weapon and some supplies can be disssapoining after encountering such player. So they can be avodided, but zombies are another thing, they can't be as much. Sure there's the ones that crawl or move slowly but runnning after you for 10 straight k's? Controlling wether any zombie can run is a must, I've spent time in Miscreated for example and it's alot more balanced. I'd like to get back to DayZ as it's part of the bundle which includse Arma Series, Take on Helicopters and even Take on Mars. It would look good. What stages is DayZ at the momment?


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Salt_lamp created this task.Jun 4 2017, 1:29 AM