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Weapon desapeards when eating
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It happened to me a couple times and i cant reproduce it, it happens if you spam eat and have 1 weapon or 2 having one on your back and another one on hands


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Windows 10
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Have your weapon in your hands and eat any food from apple to tatical bacon, the weapon can totally desapear, relloging doest work. Same happens when you have 2 weapons the one in the hand goes to the void.

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xkrakenx created this task.Jun 2 2017, 9:33 PM

Hey man, are you carrying two weapons? If you are, the weapon automatically goes to the ground while you eat. If you're only carrying one, it'll just go on your back.

Im aware that the items go to the ground,

Having one or two weapons does't make any difference this bug make the weapon on hands desapear

I think I know why this happens.
When you eat all, it consumes the item in the hand at the end of the animation. You can pull the food from your hand, it will still be consumed but whatever you put into your hands will also disappear. If the server is lagging, it may cause your gun to disappear too.

I've had this happen to me though, best way to avoid it for now is just to make sure you put your weapons away before eating.