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Unknown graphics BUG
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I have just noticed after months of playing TKOM, my textures on my buildings are not right. I've tried some basic things suggested on the forums to do with the 3D resolution slider but that didn't work either. Please assist! TKOM's performace on my PC is stable and enjoyable. No other texture or graphical issues present.


Operating System
Windows 7
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How can you reproduce this? Well you can simply start to construct a habitat using the "Outpost" parts. See screenshot, if they are diffrent. You don't have this problem like me.

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Update. I've done some tests. The reason for the texture issue is due to a Steamworkshop mod, Visual realism pack.

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I experienced the same problem but Im happy that it is already resolved.
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Wow, I've never even noticed this bug before. Guess my resolution isn't good enough to tell.
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