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ILS Glideslope Too Shallow on the USS Freedom
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The ILS system is designed to show a approach path of a 3-degree decent to the touchdown point on a runway (as the field manual tooltip says, fly so the ILS bars form a perfect cross to fly down to the touchdown point).

In the case of the USS Freedom, the touchdown point is between the 2nd and 3rd wires.

However when using the ILS, when flown such that the horizontal bar is in it's correct middle position (the middle notch on the vertical ILS bar) the approach seems to be as almost level with the carrier deck, leading to a very flat approach and a very high chance of hitting the back of the ship.

Approaching following the ILS. Note how flat the angle is to the deck, and the location of the carrier deck relative to the horizon. (according to the ILS, I'm actually still slightly above glideslope!)

Approaching the ship at a much more sensible angle. according to the ILS, I'm well above glide slope by a few degrees.

Youtube video of an actual F/A-18 Carrier landing for reference:

(Side note: currently landing the Black Wasp this hard on the carrier severely damages the aircraft)

Solution: calibrate the ILS so the Angle of the glideslope to the ship should be at a minimum a 3-degree downslope (I.E. if I were to stand on the deck at the touchdown point and look up by three degrees, that's the angle where the jets should be approaching from).


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Windows 10 x64
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Approach the carrier only using the ILS for reference. (Tests were flown in the Black Wasp II)

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EXE rev. 141382
Build 1.69.141382

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Is this going to get solved? It's pretty annoying.