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Jets Laser Lock-on / HUD display issue
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Sometimes locking onto Laser Designator Targets when flying with any one of the old jets is impossible.
When this happens, the Laser Targets are displayed ~200m or more off of their actual position and can also not be locked on.
I AM an experienced pilot so don't tell me to try some other buttons. This IS a bug!
It seems that something in the config must be off because whenever you try the same steps in the MQ4A Greyhawk, it works as expected.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place any vanilla Jet [A-164 Whipeout, A-143 Buzzard, To-199 Neophron] (haven't tied it with the APEX VTOLs or Attack Helicopters yet).
  2. Place any vehicle with a Laser Designator (or have an assistant holding one).
  3. Turn on the Laser Designator and point it at a known position.
  4. Get into the air and look for a dotted cross at the known position.

You will notice that the cross is not where the Laser Designator is pointing and that you cannot get a lock-on.

Additional Information

Game version: 1.68.141205
No Mods

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baronmoll edited Additional Information. (Show Details)Apr 23 2017, 2:07 PM

I tested this on the dev branch and got some weird results. First off, I dont have any friends so I couldn't use another player to laz for me but I did try using the sub which is the only vehicle I know of with a laser besides a plane. So here are my results: If I jump in gunner seat and start lasing while no one else was in the vehicle, and then ejected and went back to a plane, the laser would not show up. However if I did the same thing but had someone in the driver seat of the sub, then the laser would stay on, and it would stay on the exact right position, I did 2 bombing run tests on the same target same path with same sub and I got all hits on the first and one miss on the second (this might be because I had already gone past target with laser on it by the time the bomb hit, which could cause it to miss. Further testing will be needed. (I restarted scenario between each test)

Note that there are Drones and the Remote Designator too.

baronmoll renamed this task from Jets (not DLC) Laser Lock-on / HUD display issue to Jets Laser Lock-on / HUD display issue.Apr 27 2017, 6:31 PM

Tested this multiple times in both the devbuild and normal build. The issue occures about 30 - 70% of the time.
One addition is that you will see a small dot in the HUD regardless of the bug.

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