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Helicopter and VTOL Control
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In the Development Build 1.69.141358 the Helicopter and VTOL Control has changed because the Jets DLC.

The Helicopter control is very bad, before the Updtae it was good. Now you can't control the Helicopter smootly with the computer mouse becuase the Helicopters react to hard.

Same thing with the VTOL's. It is impossible to land the VTOL's in "Helicopter Mode".

I hope, you will change the control back to the old control befoe the Update or give the Player the choice, which control he/she prefers!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Development Build 1.69.141358
Steps To Reproduce

Fly a Helicopter or VTOL in Version 1.68

Then update to Development Build 1.69.141358 and try the same. You will notice that the aircraft control has changed

Additional Information

In 1.68 the VTOL's and Helicopters are easy to control using the Keyboard and computer mouse for small corrections. Now the mouse control reacts like the Keyboard so it is nearly impossible to control the Vehicle smooth.

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