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Banned the 4th time
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Hi developer,

       I'm a consumer and I'm here to complain. I have 3 accounts and all of them got banned from from King of the Hill all at once.  They wrongfully accused me of ghosting and banned me for 3 days at first. I went on their teamspeak to explain. They didn't believe me and they went mad at me, so they banned all my three accounts permanently. WS45528 that's the admin ban # I was given.  After all these losses I bought the Arma 3 one more time, and this time I was permanently banned by an angry admin again, for a ridiculous reason: firing AA cannon from safe zone. Your new jet DLC looks pretty nice, but can you tell me, what's the point of buying them if all your 3rd party partners refuse letting your consumers play your game?

Banned consumer


No Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Any Operating System can reproduce this issue
Steps To Reproduce

How to get banned for ghosting:
Step 1 Have three accounts login to any server at the same time
Step 2 let your 3 accounts play on different sides for 10 minutes
Step 3 You are banned for ghosting

How to get banned for using Anti air tank:
Step1: buy a AA tank in a KOTH server
Step2: Go out the safe zone
Step3: Go back into the safe zone and fire AA cannons
Step4: You are banned for violating game rules

How to get banned for camping:
Step 1: Buy a tank in any KOTH server
Step 2: Drive to a hill 500m just outside the safezone and keep shooting at enemy vehicles for half an hour
Step 3: Wait for players to complain and say "Hey that's camping!" to you
Step 4: You are banned for camping

If above doesn't work, there's a more effective approach:
Step1: Go into any KOTH server and type in Global chat:" Admin you **** jarhead I wanna screw you in your azz, whoreson
Step2: You are banned

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I can understand your frustration, but this is a section for Bug reports, not to complain about server hosts. Furthermore, is not a "partner", and is merely one of many Arma 3 server hosts. Being banned from one network, while annoying, does not mean that you can no longer play Arma 3. There are still a number of other servers worldwide, and, failing that, playing in Singleplayer is still possible, regardless of any ban status. Finally, if there is a PERSONAL issue with BI, responses should be made with a private report.

There are two king of the hill servers listed as official servers, EU#1 and EU#2, hosted by Bohemia Interactive. banned me from all KOTH servers including these two official servers. When I try to join the two servers, I get the same error message " admin ban WS45528". Since the official servers are hosted by BI, can you at least let me play on the two official servers?

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thank you for your feedback.

As @pokefan548 mentioned above, KotH is a community made mission and is being administrated/handled by their authors and hosts. We are indeed hosting two of KotH servers, however we are only hosting these servers and we do so to gather diagnostics and performance data that will help us to improve the platform. Other than that, we have no part in KotH inner workings, account management and bans are also not handled by us.

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Ye I know KOTH is not handled by you. Just letting Bohemia Interactive know though, pretty much the only interesting gamemode I found in multiplayer is King of the hill. I bought the game over and over again because I wanted to play that game mode. Now their admins threatened me like, "Hey if you buy the game the 5th time, we can ban you instantly coz we got your IP already! haha!" Therefore, there's absolutely no incentive for me to buy the game again.