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Sonic boom
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So since the new jet's can reach supersonic speed, are there any plannings on a sonic boom and supersonic visual effects?


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I also thougt about this idea. This would be a great improvement of the experience in Arma, if an allied (or enemy) jet flies over your head with a sonic boom. I think now it's too late for the Jet DLC (if it's not included yet), but Bohemia showed that they can patch things like this afterwards. /push

Since jets DLC is all about jets, and Jets that can break the sound barrier ,there should 100% be the ability to at least use a module to sync to the vehicle for the CHOICE of having that realism and immersion of the sound barrier being broken, and scaring the enemy forces with the raw power of your aircraft. There has been many requests from my members to have me ask for any response on whether or not there will be SONIC BOOM sounds.
Heres a reference to a mod maker who has done it...but cant release due to copyright:

We do have sonic booms with Shikras at the moment, and the other Jets DLC aircraft are able to produce 'distant rumble' sonic booms, but the nearby booms for those aircraft seem to be glitched at the moment. Bohemia is working on that here: