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Fixed wing thrust not applied on ground when using HOTAS setup
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Like the title says, when using a HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) flight stick setup with the throttle mapped to 'Thrust (Analogue)' I am unable to apply thrust while on the ground in a fixed wing aircraft. This issue happens with both vanilla and modded aircraft, on vanilla and modded installs respectively.
Occurs on both the main and the dev branch, with the latter confirming no thrust is applied through the throttle-percent-o-meter on the top left. The issue is 'fixed' by applying thrust using the 'shift' key by holding it for approximately 1 second. After that, the flight stick will work flawlessly. Have not any issues with this while in the air or after a landing.
Also used to happen on my old Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, a non-HOTAS flight stick, so I assume this is related to all slider/throttle axis on a controller.
This bug occurs with the engines in both the 'off' and the 'on' state.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  • Configure the 'Thrust (Analogue)' keybinding in 'Plane Controls' to a linear axis on your controller (sliding/moving it up, then down to assign both the + and - direction for the full range of the axis to be used.
  • Spawn a fixed-wing aircraft using either Zeus or the 3DEN editor
  • Get in aircraft
  • Apply thrust using axis, note that the aircraft won't move. (dev branch shows that no movement in the axis is detected)

To get the jet moving again:

  • Press and hold the 'shift' key for one second. (this seems to detect the thrust)
Additional Information

Links to flight sticks:

Has been a problem since quite a while, I estimate since either 1.62 or 1.64

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