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Group leader sprints to first waypoint if all group members die
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If a group with more then 3 members travelling from one waypoint to the next loose all of their members except for the remaining one,
the remaining unit sprints back to the first waypoint. No matter on how the members of the group gets removed, ie. with "deleteVehicle", "setDamage" or by joining a another group.

Expected behavior: The remaining unit continues his movement to the next waypoint.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

1.) Place a group in the editor an give it a MOVE waypoint and start the mission.
2.) While there are travelling delete all members except for one. i.E. target it and execute "deleteVehicle cursorTarget" via the debug console.
3.) Observe: The last remaining unit will sprint back to the first waypoint


I have attached a test mission, start the mission and observe the units WALK to the right,
now call one of the trigger defined Radio commands (push 0-0-1, 0-0-2, 0-0-3 or 0-0-4).
After a trigger is called the remaining unit will SPRINT back to the first Waypoint (its spawn point).

The behavior is best observable with the radio command 1 and 3 wich uses deleteVehicle the other two uses setDamage,
wich cause the remaining unit going in a alert state, but after that it will sprint back to the spawn point aswell.

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I can reproduce this, but it happens only if the groupsize is greater than 3.

If i killed(with setDamage) all groupmembers exect the leader, he returned to the last waypoint, moves back and forward some meters a few times, than he continued to the next waypoint.

Uranoxyd updated the task description. (Show Details)Apr 29 2017, 8:18 AM

can reproduce this too

also happen if 4 aircrafts in one group and one get killed