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Players (AI) do not respawn on dedicated server (1.68 and hotfix)
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I made a team death match with 3 units of the 3 factions, one player, the others "playable". I created respawn markers as usual for the 3 factions.
On a dedicated server (32+64 Bit tested) the playable AI will not respawn, but the player will.
No addons, ArmA3 Apex with all dlc. This vanilla mission is working as expected (respawning of all units) when played via MP-Preview and on "non dedicated server".
But for performance reasons it is intended to run on a dedicated server.

Secondly, when using modulerespawnposition_f, one cannot change the field "side". That was possible woth 1.66.

This mission setting was fully operational when created with dedicated server 1.66.

I could not find similar errors experienced by other which i cannot believe since many dedicated server missions depend on AI-unit that can be played by Players jip.

Thank you and regards


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

arma3 apex with marksmen, carts, helis, zeus.
Place 3 units, mark them playable, one of them Player.
Place respawn markers in the usual fashion.
Try placing modulerespawnposition_f to reproduce error in field "side".
Set gametype to team deathmatch and activate "respawn to custom Position" and "Enable AI", "Allow AI score".

Try mission on MP-preview: it works.
Try mission on dedicated server (32 and 64): it fails: no AI-playable unit will respawn.

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Having same problem with my multiplayer framework

Everything works well on the localhost but AI is not respawning on the dedicated host.