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Eden Editor.
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When I click to make an area I cannot change the colour. It says default is based on selector marker type, I have been through every type of marker and still it will not allow me to change colour. I have also put down 15 markers at the same time different sizes with different borders and type and still will not allow me to change colour. Please help it might seem trivial to you but for me It has stopped me from using it. Thank you for your time.


Not A Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
MSI GTX980 64bit 32GRam with internal water cooling system.
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Just go into the editor and try to change colour of area.

Additional Information

Why in the world is it telling me colour is spelled incorrectly.

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This sounds more like you not knowing how to use the editor than a bug. Place an area, then double-click the little indicator at the center to bring up an edit menu. You should have a menu option to change the color. It works fine for me...

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as @SteveStevenson suggested, you can change the color by opening the markers attributes (double-click or right-click > Attributes), then in the Marker: Style section you can select a color of the marker.

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