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AddonBuilder fails to initialize without Steam
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Addonbuilder needs its Steam API Calls to be optional. People working on large mod projects need to call, Addonbuilder from the command line on dedicated build servers for automation in PBOs.

There are no Steam Calls necessary for building these addons that are remotely relevant.

See the above screenshot. What kind of person thought adding Steam DRM to AddonBuilder was a good idea?
Why should I waste my time writing my own PBO Builder or Tools when you guys can just remove the Steam Calls.


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I can understand why BI do things the way they do, they are after the Military dollars ..combat sims,VR etc ..its a business .. the money from potential and ongoing Package deals is always going to be the main focus these days ... It would just be nice if they would remember that without the Arma community, alot of whom only purchased Arma to play modded content that they wouldn't be in that "Game" to speak .
If its not going to break anything I can think of then why not make it optional . :(

I'll look into it. It's there not because of DRM reason, but because AB actually used Steam do to something. If it will be possible to remove that, we'll do that.

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It is regrettable that Bohemia omit to give support to Mod Breaking Point, they will never be able to develop a mod comparable to "BP", I only come to regret the neglect of Bohemia. I bought Arma III because of Breaking Point, I hope they come to fix these Bugs as soon as possible, because my disappointment with Bohemia had grown even greater.

Hello @Deathlyrage,
here's preview build of Addon Builder (BISclaimer: this build didn't pass QA yet, download/use at your own risk):

This build is no longer dependent on Steam client if used as a command-line tool. It will still attempt to connect to Steam client to locate Arma 3 Tools installation folder, but it will work without it. There's also a new command line parameter -toolsDirectory that you can and should use to specify/override the location of Arma 3 Tools directory with other tools, which you can use when Steam is not available or you can use parameters to specify the location of each tool.

@BISWizard Thanks for fixing this, you are awesome!!

This makes modding and automation so much easier.

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Thank you BISWiz :)