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Land_Offices_01_V1_F - No longer found as Building or revealing under CursorTarget
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My server has the Office building doors locked to prevent access to restricted items / actions on certain buildings.
These buildings are allocated a global variable in the server init, and all clients receive the same global variable.

Prior to 1.68, the the door locking mechanisms worked fine, but now all the doors can be interacted with and opened / closed at will. When the status of the door is queried, the state is still set to disabled.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

buildingName setVariable [format["bis_disabled_door_%1",doorID],1,true];

Will return 1 as the status, but the door will still be operational.

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I've done some further testing on this.
When using "CursorTarget" instead of the buildingName, the disabled door parameter works.

However, why in the latest update is the buildingName variable no longer a viable method of identifying a building? I haven't changed the method in which the building is identified, the building is a recognised object when queried.

_pos = getMarkerPos "m_bank_1";
kbank = nearestBuilding _pos;

//Closes and locks the doors.
for "_i" from 3 to 5 do {
kbank setVariable[format["bis_disabled_Door_%1",_i],1,true];
kbank animate [format["Door_%1_rot",_i],0];

It seems that the "nearestBuilding" command doesn't recognise the Land_Office building anymore. Why?

Have you verified that:

  1. The building you want is for sure the object being returned by nearestBuilding
  2. That doors 3-5 are the same doors that they were pre-1.68

Those are the two things that I can think of off of the top of my head.

Another strange thing is that when in debug mode, if I look at the office building and use "CursorTarget", it returns "ObjNull", yet when using "CursorObject", the command returns the offices.
Using CursorTarget above in specifying the bis_disabled_door variable, it still assigned it...

So... without saying in the notes "We've moved Office buildings from being recognised by CursorTarget to CursorObject", I've had to spend 2 hours troubleshooting different methods and interactions with buildings... thanks BI

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thank you for the feedback. Did you verify integrity of your game cache after the update?

I have checked the building on Altis (Kavala - [3664.31,12826.5,-0.379545] and Editor placed one) with both cursorTarget and cursorObject and both return offices_01_v1_f

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