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Aram 3 Crashing
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I've Uninstalled arma 3 3 times this weekend deleted all the folders inside arma re verified re downloaded Microsoft visual 3 times scanned my pc using cdm updated directx used the windows tools and still nothing has changed for me everytime I open the came it stops respond or sometimes I get into the game and then it crashs help.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
64 bit
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Open up the game crash
Here's my reports

Event Timeline

also here's my directx diagnostic

Hi i downloaded arma 3 and when i tried to launch it it just says exception unknown programexception (0xc06d007e) happen at program on address 0x75f58a5c.
And then when i press OK i get arma 3 has exited in an unusal manner
Launcher has detected that arma 3was closed unusally. if you encounter an error that you cannot solve by yourself, please report it to our feedback tracker, or contact our support team.


so here i am trying to get help to fix it i feel i bit scammed

It's best to wait until this gets a hotfix, one of these posts have been addressed, but that one post and many others had a lack of information such as the logs.

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