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BIS_fnc_taskCreate does not assign tasks to dedicated curator units.
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When creating a mission using a dedicated curator slot (using the curator logic entity and a curator module). The curator unit will not be included in tasks created with the owner set to "true" (which is supposed to include all player units).


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a new mission
  2. Add a player unit as a dedicated curator slot ("VirtualCurator_F" for the player unit)
  3. Place a curator module ("ModuleCurator_F") and assign the player as the owner
  4. Create a task in init.sqf using "true" as the owner, the rest of the parameters don't matter (as long as they're all valid themselves).
  5. Launch the mission
  6. Note that the curator slot does not have the task available.
  7. Go back to the editor, and place a normal unit ("B_Soldier_F" for example) as the player unit.
  8. Launch the mission again
  9. Note how the player unit has the task available.
Additional Information

Issue may stem from BIS_fnc_listPlayers. BIS_fnc_setTaskLocal uses BIS_fnc_listPlayers to grab a list of all player units present in the mission.
BIS_fnc_listPlayers grabs that player list by iterating through allUnits + allDead and grabbing all player units returned by those commands. Those commands may not include virtual curator logic slots ("VirtualCurator_F").

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