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Voice on Custom Channels cannot be disabled
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I want Direct Communication channel available for Voice, as well as one custom channel. Vehicle channel should also be enabled, but every other channel should have audio disabled.
Do you have any idea how annoying it is on a 100 player server having players constantly speaking over global when they are told not to?

Please sort this out. It's a simple request and it's been made by players for literally years now...


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Press push to talk when on any channel.

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3LGStevo created this task.Mar 12 2017, 5:18 PM

IF you took the time to google for more than two seconds, yu may have a solution.
here is something to read and look through.

//display 63 = Channel name on screen when talking/switching channels etc.
//display 55 = Mic icon on screen when talking
waitUntil {sleep 0.25; !isNull (findDisplay 63) && !isNull (findDisplay 55)};
_text = (findDisplay 63) displayCtrl 101;
_channel = ctrlText _text;
//Channel gives "Direct Channel", "Global Channel" etc.

I know, as they say, it works for arma 2, not sure for 3.

@56curious - IF you took the time to read my post, you'd see that I still want VON enabled.
I already have a makeshift script to disable it, but as soon as any client lag is experienced, the makeshift "fixes" do not work... hence why I have made this ticket to actually have an inbuilt option to remove the voice from created channels using the create custom radio channel commands.

In case anyone finds this thread looking for the same answers...

I have since found a thread by a BI Developer talking about the VON re-work.
In this thread, it says about the new method of implementing the disableChannels[] configuration parameters in Description.ext, but this didn't work when I amended it. The correct syntax is {{channelID, ChatState,VONState},{channelID,ChatState,VONState}...} where as the thread detailed it being {channelID, disableVON, disableChat} (which means the true/false flags need to be inverted).

I've still no idea whether this alteration works in the description.ext file, as I also found the new alternate syntax for "enableChannel"
This does work with custom channels, and you can now mute voice over selected channels with the following syntax:

channelID enableChannel [ChatState,VONState];

0 enableChannel [true,false];
would disable voice on Global, but permit chat.
This command also works for custom channels.