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WORKSHOP Dean Hall Will NEVER go away
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Workshop does not sync. even when the repair button is pressed.


No Bug
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steam Workshop
Steps To Reproduce
  1. get a mod
  2. copy an image of Dean hall to the mod folder
  3. Click repair / restart / do everything to update
  4. dean hall will never go away
Additional Information

Also works with this picture of Jay crowe posing with Dean Hall

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thank your letting us know. We've discovered that the same happens with captain Jean-Luc Picard!

It's default Steam behavior out of our control. We can nudge Steam client to re-download the mod, but ultimately Steam client decides what it will do. And at this moment, Steam seems to ignore files that were not uploaded with the item at the moment (which is consistent with how it now handles the game files, because of the save files for example). How every this behavior might change randomly with new version of Steam client.

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